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The Avant-Garde Domespaces DKO750 is the most special product being offered by our company. The DKO750 is designed with modern technology where architectural engineering meets simplicity and practicality. The dome perfectly integrates smart home technology into the nature for a sustainable green living. DKO750 offers extraordinary features which have never been available in the market before such as intelligent controls for smart lighting and security system. Ever thought of a revolving home which can light up in nature for an artistic environment with the addition of smart home features? Domespaces DKO750 offer these extraordinary features for your luxury living experience

  • Frame: The structure of the dome is made from reinforced founder steel which makes the dome durable for all weather conditions
Properties: Strong, Anti-rust, wind and hurricane resistant, immunity against rain and snow, Earthquake resistant
  • Outer Shell: The outer shell of the dome is reinforced with durable long lasting two-layer hard PE material which makes the dome rain proof and ready for all luxury features
Properties: Flame retardant, UV shielding, water and mildew resistant, Wind and hurricane resistant

Color: Multicolor customizable
  • Base: The dome is built with strong base foundation to sustain hard weather conditions

Properties: Heavy duty, Earthquake and flood resistant, Easy to clean

  • Window: The dome comes with full glass sliding window at the front of the dome for a vast view of the nature and is made from tempered glass

Properties: Clear, Durable, Water resistant

  • Door: The door is made from tempered glass reinforced with aluminum frame with covering for rain at the front of the door. There is extended deck on the front of dome for outdoor seating and activities

Properties: Clear, Durable, Easy to clean

  • Floor: Floor is elevated and made from durable wood which is easy to clean and provides cozy living area for a luxury interior

Properties: Strong, Easy to clean, Flood resistant, Fire retardant, Anti termite

  • Ventilation: Door and window at the front of the dome provides efficient ventilation and view of the outside. Additional window is installed on the side of the dome for cross ventilation

Properties: Door, window and skylight made from durable Glass

  • Insulation: The shell of the dome is thermally insulated with two layers of aluminum (silicate+foil bubble) which keeps the dome warm and soundproof in extreme weathers

Properties: Durable, Non-toxic, Fire retardant, water resistant, UV protection, Soundproof

  • Cooling: The dome comes with central air-condition as standard for cooling needs

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Heating: HVAC for heating inside the dome

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Living area: The DKO750 provides a luxurious interior living area with all luxury amenities integrated perfectly into the dome to create a modern living home with a touch of simplicity & cleanliness

*Furniture is not included in the dome price

  • Toilet: This dome comes with full accessorized toilet with shower and fan heater for your relaxing living experience
  • Skylight: Skylight is installed right above the bed for stargazing at night and natural sunlight during the day. The skylight can be customized with intelligent curtains for an optimum amount of lighting as per the mood of the user for a comfortable environment
  • Intelligent features: The dome comes with latest intelligent home features with remote controlling of curtains and lighting for an easy life. The intelligent security & lock system can be used by passwords and fingerprints and is secured by professional encryption system
  • Multicolor exterior: The spherical structure of the dome lights intelligently to breathe art into the nature. The lighting can be customized by the user to create peaceful and natural surrounding atmosphere
  • Optional 360° revolve featureOffered first time with 360° revolving technology, our state-of-the-art dome offer this extraordinary feature which can be controlled intelligently. With this feature, it becomes so easy to enjoy natural views through all angles form the comfort of your home. 360° real revolving features comes as an option with this dome.
  • Optional solar photovoltaic panels: The dome comes with option of solar photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof of the dome for efficient power management and a sustainable green living
  • Domespaces DK0750: From standard room to deluxe king bedroom or parent-child room design, the dome can be customized with endless possibilities according to user’s choice

*Furniture is not included in the dome price


Dome Structure

Founder steel frame

Outer Shell

Two-layer PE hard material, Flame retardant, Waterproof, UV protection (UV28+), Anti-mildew


Strong base foundation with steel frame


Water and fireproof floor

French Window

Full tempered glass window with Aluminum alloy frame at front of the dome with sliding


Tempered glass+Aluminum alloy frame


Tempered glass door and window with skylight


Thermal insulation with two layers, aluminum silicate cotton and aluminum foil bubble film


HVAC with temperature control


Central Air-condition

Indoor area

DKO750: 366 sq. ft.


Integrated modular toilet with shower and fan heater 


High end wooden closet


Skylight made with tempered glass

Outer shell color changing

Extraordinary color changing outer shell with multi colors

Intelligent features

-Intelligent curtain

-Intelligent doors and windows

-Intelligent lighting

-Intelligent lock & security

-Intelligent detector

Smart home

Options to integrate smart home appliances

Revolving feature

Optional: 360° real revolving feature for full dome

Solar Photovoltaic panel

Optional: Integrated solar photovoltaic panels on the roof



D23*L23*H11.8 ft.

Indoor diameter: 19.7 ft.

Indoor area: 366 sqft.

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