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CDS series domes are clear PVC domes and are ideal for growing plants in the backyard, at a farm on commercial level or at a nursery. These domes can be used for other various purposes such as hosting small or large events, hanging out in your backyard or for any other purpose where privacy is not an issue and natural sunlight is required. These The domes are available in range of sizes to meet your needs. These domes are perfect for growing all types of plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs since they allow direct sunlight to reach the plants for an efficient growth. The domes provide ambient temperature as compared to outside environment which allows for cultivation in all types of climate conditions. Clear PVC domes are also ideal for cold weather areas where they can be used for hanging out during sunny days and provides shield against cold winds. CDS domes are available at affordable prices and provide excellent value for your dome needs.

  • Cover: The cover of the CDS domes is made with long lasting durable PVC material which is transparent and allows direct sunlight inside the dome
Properties: Flame retardant, water and mildew resistant, Wind and hurricane resistant

Color: Transparent
  • Base: The base of the dome is reinforced with anchors providing secure foundation to the dome

Properties: Secure, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Frame: The frame of the dome is made from galvanized reinforced steel which forms a robust structure for the dome

Properties: Robust, Anti-rust, wind and hurricane resistant, Earthquake resistant

  • Windows: Glass windows are installed for natural sunlight during the day and fiberglass screen vents prevents mosquito and other pests from entering the dome area while allowing for fresh air inside the dome

Properties: Durable, Anti-mosquito, fire resistant

  • Door: The door is made from glass and steel frame

Properties: Durable, Easy to clean

  • Interior Space: The interior of the dome is spacious and can be chosen based on your space requirement. The interior of the CDS domes becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature when exposed to sunlight and protecting the contents inside the dome in cold weather


Galvanized reinforced steel with optional colored powder coating


Transparent PVC material, Flame retardant, Waterproof, UV protection (UV50+), Anti-mildew


Strong base foundation with reinforcements


Glass windows on hydraulics

Screen vents are fiberglass material embedded in the dome


Glass+Steel frame

Indoor area

77 sqft to 10351 sqft

Power & Water supply

Solar or Generator.

Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply




Diameter: 10 ft.

Height: 7 ft.

Floor area: 77 sq. ft.


Diameter: 13 ft.

Height: 8 ft.

Floor area: 136 sq. ft.


Diameter: 16 ft.

Height: 8 ft.

Floor area: 212 sq. ft.



Diameter: 13 ft.

Height: 8 ft.

Floor area: 136 sq. ft.


Diameter: 16 ft.

Height: 10 ft.

Floor area: 212 sq. ft.


Diameter: 20 ft.

Height: 12 ft.

Floor area: 305 sq. ft.


Diameter: 23 ft.

Height: 13 ft.

Floor area: 415 sq. ft.


Diameter: 26 ft.

Height: 15 ft.

Floor area: 541 sq. ft.



Diameter: 30 ft.

Height: 15 ft.

Floor area: 685 sq. ft.


Diameter: 33 ft.

Height: 16 ft.

Floor area: 845 sq. ft.


Diameter: 36 ft.

Height: 18 ft.

Floor area: 1023 sq. ft.


Diameter: 39 ft.

Height: 20 ft.

Floor area: 1217 sq. ft.


Diameter: 43 ft.

Height: 21 ft.

Floor area: 1429 sq. ft


Diameter: 46 ft.

Height: 23 ft.

Floor area: 1657 sq. ft.


Diameter: 49 ft.

Height: 25 ft.

Floor area: 1902 sq. ft.



Diameter: 59 ft.

Height: 30 ft.

Floor area: 2738 sq. ft.


Diameter: 66 ft.

Height: 33 ft.

Floor area: 3380 sq. ft.


Diameter: 72 ft.

Height: 36 ft.

Floor area: 4090 sq. ft.



Diameter: 82 ft.

Height: 41 ft.

Floor area: 5282 sq. ft.


Diameter: 92 ft.

Height: 46 ft.

Floor area: 6625 sq. ft.


Diameter: 98 ft.

Height: 49 ft.

Floor area: 7605 sq. ft


Diameter: 115 ft.

Height: 57 ft.

Floor area: 10351 sq. ft.

Dome Frequencies Explained

In the context of geodesic domes, the term "frequencies" refers to the division of the dome's surface into triangular or polygonal segments. These frequencies determine the structural stability, aesthetics, and overall design of the dome. Understanding dome frequencies is important when planning and constructing geodesic structures. Here's an explanation of geodesic dome frequencies:

1. Frequency Definition: Frequency, in the context of geodesic domes, refers to the number of times a basic polygonal shape (usually a triangle) repeats across the surface of the dome. It's a measure of how many smaller shapes make up the entire dome structure.

2. Types of Frequencies: There are two primary types of frequencies in geodesic domes:

    a. V-Frequency: V-frequency, or vertex frequency, refers to the number of triangles meeting at a single vertex or hub at the top of the dome. For example, a dome with a 4V frequency means that four triangles meet at each vertex. 3V, 4V, 5V, and so on are common V-frequencies.

    b. E-Frequency: E-frequency, or edge frequency, refers to the number of edges (or sides) shared by each triangle. For instance, a dome with an 6E frequency means that each triangle shares six edges with adjacent triangles.

3. Relationship Between Frequencies: The relationship between V-frequency and E-frequency is generally expressed using a formula known as Euler's formula:

    V - E + F = 2

    - V represents the number of vertices (hubs).

    - E represents the number of edges.

    - F represents the number of faces (triangles).

  In a geodesic dome, the V-frequency and E-frequency are interconnected and can be calculated based on the desired dome size and design.

4. Effects on Dome Design: The choice of frequencies affects the overall structural stability, appearance, and assembly complexity of the geodesic dome. Higher frequencies (more triangles meeting at each hub) result in a more spherical shape, greater structural stability, and a smoother appearance. Lower frequencies can create a more faceted or angular appearance.

5. Applications: Geodesic domes with different frequencies find applications in various fields, including architecture, greenhouses, event structures, and more. The choice of frequencies depends on factors like the intended use, materials, and design aesthetics.

6. Construction Considerations: When constructing a geodesic dome, it's essential to pay attention to the chosen frequencies to ensure that the structure remains stable and secure. Precise calculations and measurements are crucial to achieving the desired dome shape.

In summary, frequencies in geodesic domes represent the division of the dome's surface into triangular segments. The choice of V-frequency and E-frequency influences the dome's structural integrity, appearance, and overall design. Engineers and architects carefully select frequencies based on the intended use and desired aesthetic qualities of the dome.


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