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Our Dew Hotel Domespaces CDR7300 Dome is engineered with unique style and state of the art technology for a glamping experience at extraordinary places with great view of the nature. Whether it’s top of a mountain or in the wild, our dome gives you freedom to build your home anywhere in the world to experience the nature from it’s heart without harming it. Design to endure all climates, Domespaces CDR7300 provides you an ideal home which blends perfectly with the nature for a sustainable living

  • Frame: The frame of the dome is architecturally designed with reinforced galvanized steel which is strong and able to withstand all climates

Properties: Tough and heavy duty, Anti-rust, wind and hurricane resistant, immunity against rain and snow, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Base: The base of the dome is strong and durable which can sustain harsh weather conditions

Properties: Secure, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Cover: The dome is covered with durable long lasting PVDF material which makes the dome waterproof and have endurance for all climates
Properties: Flame retardant, UV shielding, water and mildew resistant, Wind and hurricane resistant

Color: White, Black, Gray, Cream, Orange and Blue 
  • Floor: Floor is elevated and made from strong wood which is easy to clean and extended at the front to provide deck for outdoor activities

Properties: Sturdy, Easy to clean, Flood resistant, Fire retardant, Anti termite

  • Window: The dome comes with full frontal glass window made from tempered glass which provides vast view of the front of the dome

Properties: Clear, Durable, Water resistant

  • Door: The door is made from tempered glass at front of the dome with extra covering for rain as well as extended deck on the front of the door for outdoor seating and activities

Properties: Clear, Durable, Easy to clean

  • Ventilation: Door and window at the font of the dome provides efficient ventilation and view of the front

Properties: Door and window made from durable Glass

  • Insulation: The Dome comes with option of Thermo insulated liner for heat/cold prevention from outside

Properties: Durable, Non-toxic, Fire retardant, water resistant, UV protection

  • Cooling: Option of mini HVAC if dome is installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Heating: Option of wood stove if dome is installed off the grid in the nature and mini HVAC if installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Living area: Spacious living area for your luxury amenities ready to be customized according to user’s choice

*Furniture is not included in the dome price

  • Toilet: Space for modular toilet and shower according to choice of the user

*Toilet is not included in the dome price



Galvanized painted steel pipe with Anti-rust treatment


PVDF material, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+)


Strong base foundation with steel reinforcements


Wooden with Anti-termite treatment


Full tempered glass window at front


Tempered glass + Aluminum alloy frame double door


Tempered glass door and window


Optional: Thermo insulated liner

Optional: Curtain and rod set


Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC


Optional: Mini HVAC

Indoor area

366 sqft


Optional: Integrated modular toilet with shower according to user choice

*Toilet not included in the dome price



Size: S19.7*L23*H9.8 ft

Floor area: 366 sqft

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