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Imagine a space-age dome that gives you a glimpse of the future, right in your own backyard. The Domespace geodesic glass dome offers a magical experience with its transparent, tinted or colored glass panes and strong aluminum alloy frame. Whether you choose a small patio dome or a larger residential dome, you'll be transported into an otherworldly setting that's perfect for stargazing, meditating or simply escaping the everyday. The geodesic structure makes the dome incredibly sturdy, while a variety of glass options - from single pane tempered to insulated and low-E panes - ensure comfort in any climate. Design your own oasis with the wide selection of dome sizes, frame colors and glass tints, then sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views from within your own custom geodesic glass observatory.

  • Frame: The frame of the dome is made with strong and load bearing Aluminum alloy.

Properties: Anti-rust, wind and hurricane resistant, immunity against rain and snow, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Base: The base of the dome is reinforced and is anchored to the hard ground making the foundation of the dome strong and robust

Properties: Secure, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Outer Shell Panels: The dome’s outer shell is made from double pane glass panels which are strong and durable making the dome ready for all weathers
Properties: Flame retardant, UV shielding, water and mildew resistant, Wind and hurricane resistant

Color: Clear/Anthracite blue or other colors
  • Windows: Windows made with double pane glass are integrated on the sides of the dome

Properties: Clear, Durable, Water resistant

  • Door: The door is made from double pane glass with an Aluminum body frame

Properties: Durable, Easy to clean

  • Ventilation: Windows around the dome provides efficient ventilation and view of nature.
Properties: Door and window made from durable Glass
  • Insulation: The Dome comes with Nano insulating film for outer shell panels for heat/cold prevention from outside. 

Properties: UV protection

  • Cooling: Option of mini HVAC if dome is installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Heating: Option of wood stove if dome is installed off the grid in the nature and mini HVAC if installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Living area: The dome is available with various sizes and can be chosen according to user’s need and provides spacious living area for your luxury amenities ready to be decorated according to your need for a perfect glamping experience

*Furniture is not included in the dome price

  • Toilet: Space for modular toilet and shower according to choice of the user

*Toilet is not included in the dome price



Diameter: 13 ft.

Height: 7.5 ft.

Floor area: 136 sq. ft.


Diameter: 16 ft.

Height: 9.8 ft.

Floor area: 212 sq. ft.


Diameter: 20 ft.

Height: 11.5 ft.

Floor area: 305 sq. ft.


Diameter: 23 ft.

Height: 13 ft.

Floor area: 415 sq. ft.


Diameter: 26 ft.

Height: 13 ft.

Floor area: 541 sq. ft.


Diameter: 30 ft.

Height: 16 ft.

Floor area: 685 sq. ft.


Diameter: 33 ft.

Height: 20 ft.

Floor area: 845 sq. ft.


Diameter: 39 ft.

Height: 20 ft.

Floor area: 1217 sq. ft.

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