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This sauna redefines relaxation. With space for up to six people, the Nature 8 Plus envelops you in soothing heat through its Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor HeatersTM and Omni-Directional HeatingTM. The world’s first hybrid sauna, it offers both dry and steam options so you can customize your bliss. The Hot/Cold Cleansing SystemTM and Skin Rejuvenation SystemTM provide total rejuvenation from head to toe. Thick insulated glass and wood panels maintain the perfect temperature while the Silent Heating SystemTM and Extra-Energy Efficient design keep operating costs low. The 3D Sound System with Bluetooth lets you curate the perfect chill playlist. When it’s time to emerge renewed, the Safe Cool Down SystemTM brings your body temperature back to balance at the perfect pace. For yoga devotees, the Hot Yoga feature transforms the sauna into a zen studio. However you unwind, the Nature 8 Plus crafts an oasis of warmth and calm right in your own backyard. Stress doesn’t stand a chance.


🏞️ Capacity for 4-6 People: Invite friends and family into the realm of well-being, as the sauna boasts a spacious capacity for 4-6 people.

🔥 Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™: Revel in unparalleled warmth as the Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™ deliver 100X stronger infrared therapy, enveloping you in soothing and invigorating comfort.

🌳 100% Natural Wood: Immerse yourself in the authenticity of nature with every inch crafted from 100% natural wood, ensuring a genuine and holistic sauna experience.

🌀 The World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy: Immerse yourself in multidimensional warmth with the World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy, wrapping you in gentle heat from every direction.

❄️ Hot/Cold Cleansing System™, Detox Routine™: Experience the benefits of thermal contrast with the Hot/Cold Cleansing System™ and embark on a comprehensive Detox Routine™, purifying your body and soul.

🌬️ Insulated Airflow System™, Safe Cool Down System™: Enjoy fresh air while maintaining optimal sauna conditions through the Insulated Airflow System™, and cool down with the Safe Cool Down System™, ensuring a gradual return to comfort.

🌟 Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™: Unveil radiant skin with the Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™, restoring your complexion to its natural brilliance.

🚪 Tempered Glass Door: Step into serenity through the elegant Tempered Glass Door, inviting the outside world into your sanctuary.

🌈 Simple Touch LED Control Panel™: Personalize your experience with ease through the Simple Touch LED Control Panel™, offering intuitive control over various settings.

🔗 Clasp-together Assembly: Simplify setup with the Clasp-together Assembly feature, ensuring a hassle-free process.

🔊 Speaker System with Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connection: Elevate your journey with the integrated Speaker System, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth, AUX, or USB for a harmonious soundscape.

🧘 The Industry’s First Hot Yoga Sauna: Elevate your yoga practice with the Industry's First Hot Yoga Sauna, enriching your experience with warmth and relaxation.

🔥 Rapid Internal Heating System™, Energy Efficient Heating System™: Enjoy swift heating with the Rapid Internal Heating System™, designed for energy efficiency and prolonged relaxation.

📻 Radio Functionality: Enhance your session with the Radio Functionality, adding a soothing auditory dimension to your sauna retreat.

🌈 Chromatic Therapy System™, Omni-Directional Heating™: Immerse yourself in color therapy with the Chromatic Therapy System™, while Omni-Directional Heating™ envelops you in warmth from every angle.

🏠 Extra-Thick Walls for Rough Weather: Experience durability and strength with Extra-Thick Walls, prepared to handle diverse weather conditions.

🌦️ Roof Vent for Extra Comfort: Maintain an ideal environment with the Roof Vent, providing optimal ventilation for a rejuvenating experience.

🌓 The World's First Hybrid Outdoor Sauna: Redefine your wellness journey with the Nature 8 Plus Hybrid Sauna, merging the realms of dry and steam therapy.

🪑 Deep Ergonomic Bench Seating: Relish in luxurious comfort with Deep Ergonomic Bench Seating, designed for ultimate relaxation.

💡 Interior Reading Light System™: Embrace moments of serenity with the Interior Reading Light System™, allowing for peaceful contemplation.

🌬️ Silent Heating System™: Engage in a tranquil escape with the Silent Heating System™, ensuring an undisturbed sauna retreat.

🎧 Audio Theater System™: Immerse yourself in an auditory haven with the Audio Theater System™, transcending your experience with harmonious resonance.

💎 Extra-Energy Efficient: Revel in a heightened level of energy efficiency with 15% thicker glass and wood panels, ensuring optimal insulation.

🏢 Executive Corner Unit Design: Experience the elegance of an Executive Corner Unit Design, tailored for both aesthetics and functionality.

🌬️ Extra-Insulated Airflow System™, Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™: Enjoy enhanced insulation with the Extra-Insulated Airflow System™, coupled with the Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™ for swift and consistent warmth.


Interior Dimensions

(WDH): 75″ x 60″ x 78″

Exterior Dimensions

(WDH): 78″ x 67″ x 97″

Operating Voltage

Dual Phase


Spectrum 4000W/
Stove 8000 Watts

Plug Type

NEMA L6-30


695 lbs

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