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This sauna is nature's remedy in a box. Its ultra full spectrum outdoor heaters generate infrared rays 100 times more potent than regular wood, surrounding you in a cocoon of healing warmth. The world’s first 3D surround heat therapy system provides hot and cold cleansing for full-body detox, while the insulated airflow and cooling systems ensure your safety and comfort. Rejuvenate your skin, relax your muscles and cleanse your spirit as the simple touch controls, Bluetooth sound system and chromatic lights soothe your senses. Rapid internal heating means you’ll be sweating out toxins in no time. And when the weather gets rough, the sauna’s extra-thick walls and vented roof stand strong. Harness the power of infrared, indulge in hot yoga, or just sit back and unwind. However you use it, this sauna taps into nature’s restorative powers for health, wellness and pure relaxation.


🏞️ Capacity for 3 People: Share the wellness experience with friends and loved ones in a sauna designed for a capacity of 3 people.

🔥 Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™: Experience the next level of warmth with Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™, a groundbreaking innovation 100X stronger, enveloping you in soothing infrared therapy.

🌳 100% Natural Wood: Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature with 100% natural wood, ensuring an authentic and organic sauna experience.

🌀 The World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy: Engage your senses with the World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy, enveloping you in a multidimensional experience that soothes your body from all angles.

❄️ Hot/Cold Cleansing System™: Embrace the contrasts of hot and cold with the Hot/Cold Cleansing System™, promoting detoxification and invigoration.

🌿 Detox Routine™: Indulge in a comprehensive Detox Routine™ that cleanses your body, revitalizing you from within.

🌬️ Insulated Airflow System™: Breathe in fresh air while maintaining a comfortable sauna environment through the Insulated Airflow System™.

❄️ Safe Cool Down System™: Cool down in tranquility with the Safe Cool Down System™, ensuring a gentle transition after your sauna session.

🌟 Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™: Experience skin renewal with the Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™, leaving you with a refreshed and radiant complexion.

🚪 Tempered Glass Door: Enter your sanctuary through the Tempered Glass Door, connecting you with the beauty of the outdoors.

🌈 Simple Touch LED Control Panel™: Seamlessly control your sauna experience with the Simple Touch LED Control Panel™, offering intuitive operation.

🔗 Clasp-together Assembly: Assemble your sauna with ease using the Clasp-together Assembly feature, making setup a breeze.

🔊 Speaker System with Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connection: Elevate your experience with the integrated Speaker System, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth, AUX, or USB and immerse yourself in your favorite sounds.

🧘 The Industry’s First Hot Yoga Sauna: Embrace the practice of hot yoga with the Industry's First Hot Yoga Sauna, enhancing your wellness journey.

🔥 Rapid Internal Heating System™, Energy Efficient Heating System™: Enjoy swift heating with the Rapid Internal Heating System™, combined with energy efficiency for sustainable relaxation.

📻 Radio Functionality: Tune in to your favorite radio stations with the Radio Functionality, adding a personalized touch to your sauna experience.

🌈 Chromatic Therapy System™: Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors with the Chromatic Therapy System™, enhancing relaxation and well-being.

🌬️ Omni-Directional Heating™: Feel the warmth from every angle with Omni-Directional Heating™, ensuring even distribution throughout the sauna.

🏠 Extra-Thick Walls for Rough Weather: Experience durability and resilience with the Extra-Thick Walls, built to withstand various weather conditions.

🌦️ Roof Vent for Extra Comfort: Maintain a comfortable atmosphere with the Roof Vent, ensuring optimal ventilation for an enjoyable session.


Interior Dimensions

(WDH): 60″ x 49″ x 78″

Exterior Dimensions

(WDH): 63″ x 52″ x 97″

Operating Voltage



Spectrum 3000W

Plug Type

NEMA L6-30


455 lbs.

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