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GDH Hexa series are luxury domes designed with beautiful hexagonal glass panels that comes in range of colors which makes the dome nothing short of an architectural marvel. GDH Hexa domes are robust and can be used for various purposes such as camping, residential, commercial, education, scientific, hospitality, corporate, and military applications. GDH Hexa domes are engineered to sustain every type of weather conditions since they can be fitted with Nano insulated film for heat and cold prevention from outside and reduce glare from the sun. The dome is also available in double pane insulated tempered glass as an option. GDH Hexa series domes are perfect for an extraordinary luxury glamping experience which have never been experienced before

  • Frame: The frame of the dome is made with strong and load bearing Aluminum alloy which is joined together in hexagon shapes which makes the dome robust and strong

Properties: Anti-rust, wind and hurricane resistant, immunity against rain and snow, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Base: The base of the dome is reinforced and is anchored to the hard ground making the foundation of the dome strong and robust

Properties: Secure, Earthquake and flood resistant

  • Outer Shell Panels: The dome’s outer shell is made from hexagonal glass panels with Nanotechnology film which are strong and durable making the dome ready for all weathers
Properties: Flame retardant, UV shielding, water and mildew resistant, Wind and hurricane resistant

Color: Clear/Anthracite blue or other colors
  • Windows: Windows made with tempered glass are integrated on the sides of the dome

Properties: Clear, Durable, Water resistant

  • Door: The door is made from tempered glass with an Aluminum body frame

Properties: Durable, Easy to clean

  • Ventilation: Windows around the dome provides efficient ventilation and view of nature.
Properties: Door and window made from durable Glass
  • Insulation: The Dome comes with Nano insulating film for outer shell panels for heat/cold prevention from outside. 

Properties: UV protection

  • Cooling: Option of mini HVAC if dome is installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Heating: Option of wood stove if dome is installed off the grid in the nature and mini HVAC if installed on the grid

Properties: Cost efficient and effective

  • Living area: The dome is available with various sizes and can be chosen according to user’s need and provides spacious living area for your luxury amenities ready to be decorated according to your need for a perfect glamping experience

*Furniture is not included in the dome price

  • Toilet: Space for modular toilet and shower according to choice of the user

*Toilet is not included in the dome price



Aluminum alloy frame

Colors: Original grey, white, black, gold and brown

Outer Shell Panels

Hexagonal tempered nanotechnology glass, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+)

Color: Clear/Anthracite blue or other colors

Configuration options: SIngle pane and double pane insulated glass


Strong base foundation with steel reinforcements


Tempered glass


Tempered glass + Aluminum alloy frame


Tempered glass windows


Optional: Double pane glass

Optional: Nano insulated film

Optional: Curtain and rod set


Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC


Optional: Mini HVAC

Power & Water Supply

Solar or Generator.

Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply


Optional: Integrated modular Kitchen with all accessories

*Kitchen accessories not included in the dome price


Optional: Integrated modular toilet with shower according to user choice.

*Toilet not included in the dome price



Diameter: 23 ft.


Diameter: 27 ft.

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