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Introducing the best Medical Breakthrough X Massage Chair: Your Gateway to Supreme Relaxation and Holistic Well-Being

Step into a world of unparalleled relaxation and total wellness with the Medical Breakthrough X Massage Chair. This epitome of innovation effortlessly combines an array of transformative features, redefining the massage experience and inviting you to a haven of rejuvenation.


🌌 Zero Gravity Sleep System™: Elevate your relaxation to celestial heights with the Zero Gravity Sleep System™, cocooning you in weightless serenity and tranquility.

🌐 Smart Full Body Medical Scan™: Customize each massage to perfection with the Smart Full Body Medical Scan™, ensuring every session is meticulously tailored to your body's unique contours.

💆‍♀️ Head to Toe Back Massage System™: Relieve tension and stress with a comprehensive head-to-toe massage that harmonizes your entire body.

💆‍♂️ True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System™: Immerse yourself in a massage that transcends time and space with the True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System™, delivering precise movements that melt away muscle tension.

🌼 Intense Lower Back Rollers: Experience profound relief as the Intense Lower Back Rollers soothe your lower back, enhancing relaxation and revitalization.

👐 Engulfed Arm Massage System™: Immerse yourself in tranquility as the Engulfed Arm Massage System™ envelops your arms, releasing tension and promoting renewed vitality.

🔇 Quiet Massage: Revel in the serenity of Quiet Massage technology, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in relaxation.

⚙️ Adjustable Leg Extensions: Customize your experience with adjustable leg extensions, ensuring optimal comfort tailored to your preferences.

🚶‍♀️ Wheels for Effortless Mobility: Move the chair effortlessly with built-in wheels, allowing you to create your perfect relaxation sanctuary anywhere you desire.

🧘‍♂️ Full Body Stretch, Medical Breakthrough World Famous Hip Twist™: Experience total rejuvenation as the Full Body Stretch and Medical Breakthrough World Famous Hip Twist™ release tension and enhance flexibility.

🦶 Foot Reflexology Massage System™: Immerse yourself in the realm of reflexology with the Foot Reflexology Massage System™, targeting key points for holistic well-being.

🌟 Strong Neck Massage: Relieve neck tension with precision through the Strong Neck Massage feature, melting away stress and promoting relaxation.

🔥 Intense Heat Therapy™, Champissage Head Massager™: Indulge in a warming embrace with Intense Heat Therapy™ and the Champissage Head Massager™, elevating relaxation to new heights.

🌀 Chiropractic BodyTwist™ Technology, First Hip Twist with Butt Massage: Discover a harmonious blend of relaxation and alignment with Chiropractic BodyTwist™ Technology and the First Hip Twist with Butt Massage, promoting balance and well-being.

🦶 Custom Forming Sole Rollers™: Enjoy a foot massage that mirrors the touch of a skilled therapist with the Custom Forming Sole Rollers™, enhancing overall relaxation.

🚀 USB / MP3 / Music - Bluetooth Speaker: Immerse yourself in a personalized auditory journey with the USB / MP3 / Music - Bluetooth Speaker feature, elevating your relaxation experience.

📦 Breakthrough 10 App: Explore the future of relaxation with the Breakthrough 10 App, offering unprecedented control and customization at your fingertips.

Improve Cardiovascular Health
Sleep Better
Decrease Stress in Cancer Patients
Promote Relaxation
Lower Blood Pressure
Help Chronic Neck Pain
Reduce Chemotherapy-Related Nausea
Enhance Exercise Performance
Manage Low-Back Pain
Reduce Muscle Tension
Relieve Postoperative Pain
Relieve Stress
Reduce Anxiety
Help Fibromyalgia Pain
Relieve Tension Headaches
Ease Symptoms of Depression
Reduce Pain of Osteoarthritis
Improve Balance in Older Adults
Decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
Temper Effects of Dementia
Decrease Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lower Joint Replacement Pain
Increase Range of Motion
Improve Quality of Life in Hospice Care
Decrease Migraine Frequency

    Operating Voltage

    AC 120V, 60Hz

    Recline Dimensions

    Feet Down

    34 wide x 31 high x 69 deep (inches)

    Upright Dimensions

    34 wide x 49 high x 55 deep (inches)


    384 lbs

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