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This sauna redefines what it means to relax outdoors. Boasting the world’s first hybrid design, the Nature 7 combines dry and steam heat for a supremely soothing experience. Its ultra full-spectrum heaters and omnidirectional heating system envelop you in warmth, while the insulated airflow and rapid internal heating systems ensure consistent comfort. Thick walls and a tempered glass door shield you from the elements as you detox and rejuvenate. Bluetooth speakers set the mood with your favorite tunes. When you’re ready to cool down, the safe cooldown system gently brings your temperature back to normal. No detail was spared, from the ergonomic seating and reading light to the simple touch control panel. After a session in this luxurious sanctuary, the stresses of everyday life will melt away. Who knew paradise was just outside your back door? The Nature 7 did.


🏞️ Capacity for 3 People: Share the wellness experience with friends and loved ones in a sauna designed for a capacity of 3-4 people.

🔥 Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™: Embrace unmatched warmth with Ultra Full Spectrum Outdoor Heaters™, harnessing infrared therapy that's 100X stronger, cocooning you in transformative comfort.

🌳 100% Natural Wood: Surrender to nature's essence with 100% natural cedar, offering an authentic and organic sauna experience.

🌀 The World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy: Engage your senses in a symphony of warmth with the World's First 3D Surround Heat Therapy, enwrapping you in soothing heat from every angle.

❄️ Hot/Cold Cleansing System™: Experience a rejuvenating contrast of hot and cold with the Hot/Cold Cleansing System™, promoting detoxification and renewal.

🌿 Detox Routine™: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive Detox Routine™ that purifies your body, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

🌬️ Insulated Airflow System™: Inhale the freshest air while maintaining an optimal sauna climate through the Insulated Airflow System™.

❄️ Safe Cool Down System™: Cool down gently with the Safe Cool Down System™, ensuring a gradual transition after your sauna session.

🌟 Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™: Indulge in skin renewal with the Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™, revealing a radiant and revitalized complexion.

🚪 Tempered Glass Door: Step into your oasis through the Tempered Glass Door, connecting you with the natural world outside.

🌈 Simple Touch LED Control Panel™: Personalize your experience with the Simple Touch LED Control Panel™, designed for intuitive control and customization.

🔗 Clasp-together Assembly: Assemble your sauna effortlessly with the Clasp-together Assembly feature, streamlining setup.

🔊 Speaker System with Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connection: Elevate your senses with the integrated Speaker System, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth, AUX, or USB, enveloping you in your chosen soundscape.

🧘 The Industry’s First Hot Yoga Sauna: Embark on a transformative journey with the Industry's First Hot Yoga Sauna, enhancing your wellness endeavors.

🔥 Rapid Internal Heating System™, Energy Efficient Heating System™: Experience swift heating with the Rapid Internal Heating System™, designed for energy efficiency and lasting relaxation.

📻 Radio Functionality: Enhance your session with the Radio Functionality, adding a soothing auditory layer to your sauna retreat.

🌈 Chromatic Therapy System™: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of colors with the Chromatic Therapy System™, elevating relaxation and well-being.

🌬️ Omni-Directional Heating™: Revel in uniform warmth from every direction with Omni-Directional Heating™, ensuring complete comfort.

🏠 Extra-Thick Walls for Rough Weather: Conquer varying weather conditions with strength and durability, thanks to the Extra-Thick Walls.

🌦️ Roof Vent for Extra Comfort: Maintain an ideal atmosphere with the Roof Vent, offering optimal ventilation for a rejuvenating session.

🌓 The World's First Hybrid Outdoor Sauna: Unite the worlds of dry and steam therapy with the Nature 7 Hybrid Sauna, redefining relaxation and wellness.

🪑 Deep Ergonomic Bench Seating: Immerse yourself in comfort with Deep Ergonomic Bench Seating, designed for complete relaxation.

💡 Interior Reading Light System™: Enjoy a peaceful escape with the Interior Reading Light System™, letting you unwind with your favorite book.

🌬️ Silent Heating System™: Embrace tranquility with the Silent Heating System™, ensuring a serene and undisturbed sauna experience.


Interior Dimensions

(WDH): 75″ x 54″ x 78″

Exterior Dimensions

(WDH): 78″ x 57″ x 97″

Operating Voltage

Dual Phase


Spectrum 3400W/
Stove 6000 Watts

Plug Type

NEMA L6-30


525 lbs.

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